How to DIY a Holiday Card


One of the most popular gifts to give during holiday season is a holiday card. In fact, you can find these in stores when holiday season is near. You can even find virtual cheap business christmas cards in the internet if you don’t have budget sending them out through a courier if the recipient leaves miles away from you. But there is also another way for you to have your own holiday card and that is to make one out of your creative mind.

Making a holiday card is actually fun. Aside from the fact that it is cheaper compared to buying one in stores, the recipient will appreciate it more given the fact that you have exerted efforts just to make the card out of your creative mind. This is a more personalized card therefore, emotions are also poured while you work on your holiday card.

So how do you begin making a holiday card just like those at best holiday card websites? First of all, you need to draft your design. If this is your first time, you may opt to search videos in the internet that show how to make your own cards. This will give you ideas on how to properly fold cards to make it more attractive and beautiful. There is even software that is used to make holiday cards. This will serve as your guide to create your own design. But if you want it to be more personal, you may just use your creative mind and draft a design in a piece of paper. Using calligraphy is one of the best options to write your message on your card.

Once you have drafted your design, the next thing to do is to gather the materials needed to make your card. Going on a school supply store will give you more options on the materials to use. Instead of using a plain paper, you may opt to use a pres-designed paper. You may also want to do a wet painting on your card so a canvass is also needed. The best way to come up with a best holiday card is to have your creative mind overtake you. Experimenting is a very good way to have the most unique holiday card to give.

Lastly, you need to decide what to write on your card. You can browse the internet for samples or you may just write your own words by allowing your emotions to overtake your message.

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